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Many companies that offer residential services offer free estimates, from HVAC companies, plumbers, to roofers. A free plumbing estimate, given in-person, is an excellent way in which a customer can interact with the company that will be doing the job and learn more about the different aspects of the work they need to have done.

Is A Free Plumbing Estimate Reliable?

“Free plumbing estimates” can be misleading, as homeowners generally don’t want an approximate value when having to do significant repairs. The word “estimate” is misleading in itself, as it means an educated guess. When a repair can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars, customers don’t want a “rough guess” of the cost.

If you want an accurate estimate, don’t expect to get one over the phone. An in-person consultation and quote is the only way to get an accurate price.

Free second opinions and plumbing quotes are obtainable by every potential customer through Free Estimate USA.

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Why Is A Free Plumbing Estimate Not Done By Phone?

It may seem easy to simply call a plumber with free estimates and ask for example: “ How much it would cost to replace a tank-type water heater with a tankless one?”

If a plumbing company is prepared to give you an estimate without sending someone out to assess the task first-hand, that’s a huge “red flag” to get alternative estimates from other free estimate plumbers.

However, in some cases, sending photos of the obvious problem can provide accurate estimates. But only if the solution is also obvious.

Estimates made over the phone can be wildly inaccurate, either due to an under-estimation of the amount of labor required or the cost of parts.

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What Is Included With a Free Estimate?

When one of our experienced and licensed plumbing technicians goes to your home, they investigate the problem, diagnose the issue, and give you an estimate, either verbally or in writing.

What Happens After I Have Received a Free Estimate?

After you have reviewed your estimate provided by our technician, you may discuss it and ask any questions about the job. Also, check if any variables may increase the cost.

If an estimate was, for example, made for a drain cleaning service. However, the problem turns out to be caused by a sewer line that is broken. In that case, the estimate would not include the cost of sewer line replacement.

Bathroom sink, toilet, tub, and shower.

Professional Plumbing Repairs

About 15% of the overall value of a house is made up of the plumbing system. Together with an electrical system, plumbing in a home adds convenience to our modern lifestyles, while also providing the added benefit of hygiene.

The value of your plumbing system can easily be preserved by making sure you maintain it properly.  Such as:

  • Clearing shower, sink, and tub drains of any debris regularly.
  • Not pouring cooking oil and grease into any drain.
  • Not flushing objects such as sanitary products and paper towels down the toilet will go a long way to preventing plumbing repairs from being required.

Homeowners can tackle many home plumbing tasks themselves without having to call a professional plumber. A leaking valve in the toilet, leaky faucets, or clogged drains can often be remedied easily with minimal expense, parts, or tools by a homeowner.

Enzyme-based drain cleaners, rather than chemical-based ones, augers, and plungers are all good tools for a homeowner to have to fix clogs.

Over time, running toilets and leaking faucets cost money as water is wasted.

Clogged drains aren’t just inconvenient, but can be an indication of serious problems. Expensive emergency repair bills can be prevented by maintaining your plumbing system regularly.

If you are not handy and can’t fix leaks or clogs yourself, contacting a free estimate plumber is a good alternative.

Among the many services offered are:

  • Sewer and Clean Water Line Repairs
  • Hydrostatic Water Leak Detection
  • Dripping and Leaky Faucet Repairs
  • Bathtub and Shower Repairs
  • Garbage Disposal Repair and Replacements
  • Running, Clogged, or Leaking Toilet Repairs
  • Steam Shower and Sauna Repairs
  • French Drain Clearing and Repairs
  • Lawn Sprinkler Inspections, Repairs and Installation.

Take A Closer Look At Local Plumbing Services

Kitchen faucet being installed by a plumber.

Our professional plumbers have vast experience and offer professional, reliable plumbing services, as well as emergency plumbing services.
We aim to bring every family and individual we serve peace of mind. Our plumbing technicians offer a wide range of plumbing replacement, repair, and maintenance services to meet all our customer’s requirements.

Our team will be able to assist you with any plumbing issues you may experience. We are there to ensure you’ll always be able to wash your hands or have a hot shower, with bathroom and kitchen plumbing that’s fully functioning.
Our trained plumbers offer the best plumbing services available. We’re proud to serve you with long-lasting, exceptional work.
You need to be able to always rely on your home’s plumbing for peace of mind. Our plumbers strive to ensure that our plumbing services are of extremely high quality and affordable.
All homeowners should have access to affordable maintenance and repairs of their plumbing, and make use of emergency plumbing services when required. Our plumbing teams work hard at providing plumbing services at reasonable rates and also offer financing solutions that will help you stay within your budget.

Residential and Commercial Plumbing Services

Contact us today about your residential or commercial plumbing requirements. From repairing broken toilets to cleaning drains, re-piping to fixing faucets, no plumbing problem is too small or big for our team.
Some of our most popular services are described below. These are available as emergency services or by appointment. If you can’t find what you’re looking for on this list, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our industry experts have the tools, experience, and skills necessary to resolve any plumbing problem.

Sump Pump Repairs

Sump pump problems? Get a free plumbing estimate.
Sump pump problems? Get a free plumbing estimate.

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How often a sump pump needs to be replaced depends on the climate and soil conditions of your area. Generally, sump pumps need to be replaced about every 8-12 years.

The sump pump should however be maintained, and any repairs tackled efficiently. Just use the easy online form to get sump pump repairs, sump pump installations, and sump pump float replacements.

Repairing Faucets

A faucet that’s broken can be a major problem and an inconvenience. We repair faucets for bathrooms, kitchens, and any other faucets you may have. Whether your faucet won’t turn off, won’t turn on, or is leaking, we can replace or repair it.

Repairing Garbage Disposals

If you have gotten used to the convenience a garbage disposal brings, doing the dishes or cooking without one may be a major challenge.

A garbage disposal that is clogged will prevent water from draining.

Your garbage disposal may make a humming noise, stop unexpectedly or seem to be jammed. We offer professional garbage disposal replacement and repair services to ensure your kitchen sink is back in full operation as soon as possible.

Garbage disposal repair. Do you need a plumbing repair estimate?
Garbage disposal repair. Do you need a plumbing repair estimate?

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Cleaning Drains

Contact us for efficient, affordable laundry, bathroom, and kitchen drain cleaning services. We can unclog and clean drains of all types and will make sure your water drains freely in no time.

Replacing Water Heaters

Water heaters’ life expectancy depends on the type of water heater:

  • Tankless: electric or gas
  • Tank: electric or gas.
  • Indirectly heated tank: Boiler or solar

The indirectly heated tanks last the longest with no maintenance at 2o years or more.

Tankless electric water heaters can also last 20 years, but only with regular maintenance.

Electric water heaters with a tank typically last around 15 years, while gas water heaters typically need to be replaced after about 8 to 12 years of use.

After 20 years of use, it may be best to replace your water heater even if you’re not experiencing any issues with it.

If your hot water heater leaks, you often don’t have enough hot water, or the heater produces discolored water or makes unusual sounds, it may be time to replace it. Our friendly plumbers can replace your hot water heater or provide hot water heater maintenance services to improve efficiency.

It doesn’t matter where you are. Just fill in our Quick Form and relax. We’ll direct a local expert to provide you with a free estimate, so you’ll have a good idea how much it will cost. It’s valuable information that can help you decide which way to go. And it doesn’t cost you a dime.

New water heater installation.
New water heater installation.

Repairing Sewage Ejector Pumps

There are not many plumbing repairs as crucial as those that relate to a sewage ejector pump. These pumps are used to push sewage from your home to a septic tank safely.

If you have any problems with the sewage lift pump at your home, don’t hesitate to contact a local expert. We can provide ejector pump replacement services, sewage ejector pump maintenance services, and sewer pump repair services.

Sewage ejector pump.
Sewage ejector pump.

Repairing Toilets

We will tackle any type of toilet repair. Whether you need us to replace a damaged float valve, need a toilet tank repair, fix a leak, or repair the flush mechanism, we can provide the professional toilet repair services you require. We can also install new toilets and remove old ones.

Toilet repair.

Re-Piping Services

If you need re-plumbing or re-piping services, we can help. If your plumbing hasn’t been updated since the 1980s, you likely need your house to be re-piped.
If your piping was installed before the 1970s, you likely have lead piping, which poses a significant health risk. In this case, we can remove it safely and upgrade your home with modern and safe plastic or copper piping.

Emergency Plumbing Services

Water leaking from a ceiling light fixture.
Water leaking from a ceiling light fixture.

We are proud to offer our customers emergency plumbing services. Oftentimes when you have plumbing issues, there is no time to waste. This is exactly what our emergency plumbing services were designed for.
Our team will provide affordable, efficient, and fast emergency plumbing services. We’ll provide you with emergency plumbing services when you need them the most.

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