About Us

As the founder of Quick Home Construction LLC (now out of business) I have needed numerous price quotes and estimates and realized how much homeowners needed a reliable source of contractors to fix, and install nearly everything you can think of. So, I have created Free Estimate USA as the trusted source you have been looking for.

To begin with, we will focus on items concerning the home and the yard. However, as life goes on I find more and more things that I want estimates for myself. Which means that other people have the same needs, and I will expand the website as time goes by.

Estimates Are Free, But Getting One May not Be Free.

Let me be clear that not all service providers provide free estimates. Some of them will do so for the more expensive things, but not the lower cost items. That just makes sense, because they can’t drive all over town and spend time making an estimate for a $100 repair. They would go out of business doing that.

 For example, I know one appliance company that charges $109 for travel time and diagnosis of the problem. If you still want him to do the repair, that will be an additional charge.

However, some other repairmen will work a little differently. Some will drop the travel time and diagnosis fee if you hire them to do the work. Here again, it depends upon the overall value of the job to the repairman.

As a general contractor I was happy to give a free estimate to build a house if they provided blueprints for the house. If they needed a floor plan and blueprints that would be charged upfront, because that takes a substantial amount of time and effort.

Likewise, I could give a cost per square foot for one of my house designs, but that would not include the cost of site preparation needed to put the house on a foundation. Nor did it include the cost of the foundation, because you can’t determine what that will be without soil tests, which run a couple thousand dollars and up.

So, a free estimate can only be expected when the total dollar value of the job is high enough to justify eating that expense. Plus, the problem needs to be obvious. If a diagnosis is needed to determine what the problem is, that will be a separate fee.

So, I hope you can see that free estimates may be common, but there may still be an expense related to getting one.