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Repairing or Replacing Your AC Unit? Need A Maintenance Service?

We offer fast AC repairs for all kinds of problems, such as:

  • AC blowing hot air
  • Frozen evaporator coils
  • AC making loud noises or leaking
  • Excessive indoor humidity

With hot weather, you want to be sure your air conditioning system can perform properly. Whether your AC system is decades old or brand new, it should keep your family comfortable and cool at home, or keep your employees productive at your office.

Like most air conditioning owners, you’ll likely not even think about your air conditioning system until it starts malfunctioning.

However, it is a good idea to have your AC unit checked before the summer heat arrives to ensure that it operates at peak efficiency.

An AC system is a major investment. You can increase its longevity and get more value from it if you maintain it regularly.

Perhaps, you may be doing your best to maintain your air conditioning unit. Either by:

  • Getting a free estimate for AC repair at the first sign of trouble.
  • Scheduling annual inspections and tune-ups.
  • Changing the filters regularly.

Even if you do this, even the most well-maintained air conditioning unit won’t last indefinitely and they all have a limited lifespan, even the best brands. When the end of that lifespan is reached, it’s time to start shopping for a replacement unit.

3 air conditioner units. Get a free AC estimate today.
No matter what size or type of air conditioning system you have, get a free AC estimate today.

Recent research has shown that as much as 70% of all air conditioning systems waste energy. Wasted energy is not only bad for the environment but also your financial wellbeing. Using more energy than what is required will increase your energy bills.

Our service technicians can help you in assessing the operation of your AC system. This will help you decide if you should make adjustments to your current unit that may save money, or invest in a newer energy-efficient model.

Causes of Energy Wastage with AC Units

Several basic things should be considered when trying to determine the energy efficiency of your air conditioning unit. The best way to assess your system’s operation, including its energy wastage, is to contact our local cooling and heating service technicians to perform a wide range of diagnostic tests.

The following factors also need to be evaluated:

Utility Costs: Has your energy bills have suddenly started increasing during the summer? Use our online contact form to get an AC repair free estimate to help you find the root cause of the problem.

Increased energy bills may be due to energy providers raising their rates. However, it is fairly common for aging or malfunctioning AC systems to waste energy and cause utility bills to spike. Our service technician can help you determine if your AC unit malfunctioning is causing those excessive energy bills.

Husband and wife are shocked at outrageous AC bills. They should get a free AC estimate today.

Shocked by outrageous AC bills? We can fix that – Click Here

AC System Consistency

If you have had your air conditioning unit for a while and you start seeing a decline in cooling power, there may be an issue that can be fixed.

Or it may simply mean that age has caught up with it.

Our AC repair technician can identify the problem to help you decide how you can best proceed.

AC System Age

You may need to do some research to determine the age of your AC unit, especially if you didn’t have it installed yourself.

An air conditioning unit may last between 15 and 25 years if it is maintained well. AC units however have a typically average life span of between 16 and 18 years.

If your system is older than 10 years, it’s important to let our service team checked it out. They will evaluate its energy efficiency, as well as other factors that will influence its optimum functionality.

Working Within A Budget

If the air conditioning unit in your business or home is getting close to the end of its life, it’s important to obtain an accurate free AC estimate for a replacement. If you have been using your current air conditioning system for decades, you likely have no idea how much new units cost.

Our professionals will be more than happy to provide a free AC estimate for replacement. This will help you decide from a position of knowledge and understanding of what you’re dealing with before moving forward.

As the costs to replace old air conditioning systems are widely different, getting a free estimate for an AC replacement should be the first step.

Financing Is Available

Replacing an old air conditioning unit can cause your family’s finances to be put under severe pressure. That’s why our contractors have financing options available to help in making replacing your AC system more convenient, subject to credit approval.

Financing options will allow you to buy a replacement AC unit today and you will be paying it off over time. You will be able to stay comfortable and cool with a brand new air conditioning unit, instead of suffering in the oppressive heat while sacrificing your comfort.

Professional Service and Trusted Brands

You depend on your air conditioning unit to keep your business or home comfortable and cool. As convenience and costs are both factors when you need to replace your existing AC system, we work hard to make replacing an AC unit affordable and easy.

Many contractors offer a wide range of air conditioning units, including well-known brands. The newer air conditioning units available are designed for long life, energy efficiency, and trouble-free, quiet operation.

Replacing or repairing a central air conditioning system does not have to be a hassle. Simply fill in this form and we will provide free AC repair estimates and connect you with top-rated AC suppliers that will offer the perfect air conditioner based on your unique requirements.

Their friendly sales staff will visit you at home to discuss and ensure you get the appropriate AC system for your cooling needs. Once you have selected which professional AC equipment you want to use, they’ll send trained technicians to install your AC professionally.

We’re here to help you keep your AC running smoothly whenever you need us. Our professional team will provide you with all the relevant information you’ll need to make a decision.

If you decide that installing a new AC is the best option for you, we’ll guide you to the best cooling system for your price range and the size of your home. We will consider:

  • The cost of air conditioning equipment repair versus replacement
  • Possible energy savings
  • Condition and age of the existing system
Trane WeatherGuard AC unit installed.
Trane WeatherGuard AC unit installed.
Rheem brand air conditioner.
Rheem brand air conditioner.
Carrier HVAC unit installed.
Carrier HVAC unit installed.

Does AC Size Matter?

How can you determine what size of the AC you need? A guide known in the industry as Manual J provides formulas to calculate heat loads.

It brings in factors such as which side of the house gets the most light and heat, the size and number of windows, the roof type, square footage, ceiling height, and insulation. Based on these factors, the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) of the air conditioner can be calculated.

SEER is a measurement similar to the miles-per-gallon in a car or the R-value in insulation. A 14 SEER unit uses energy about 14% more efficiently than an old 10 SEER unit does, while the saving is between 40% and 60% per month!

What Size Is Required?

If 14 SEER is good, it doesn’t necessarily mean that 18 SEER is better. Although a bigger AC will cool your house faster, it won’t necessarily remove the humidity, which is one of an AC’s major functions.

A system that is too big will cycle off and on more often and this will result in the life of the motor being shortened. A higher-powered unit also costs more and this is not a good investment if you don’t need it.

As a reputable AC installation company, we’ll make sure we don’t waste your money. We will explain the different sizes and brands that are suitable to meet your goals and will fit your budget.

Changes in Refrigerants

AC repairman checking the refrigerant pressure level. Diagnostics are not usually included in a free AC estimate.
AC repairman checking the refrigerant pressure level.

R-22, commonly known as Freon, has been phased out by the government and is replaced by refrigerants that are more ozone layer friendly.

All air conditioners manufactured after 2010 only use the new generation of coolant. Although it has various brand names, the most common is Puron.  If your system was installed before 2010 – you will be much better off financially with a new system – contact us here.

New, Energy Efficient Air Conditioners Beat the Heat

When temperatures increase, you need a comfortable, cool retreat! If your home is too hot to be comfortable in summer, fill in the form for free AC repair estimates from 4 professional AC companies. We offer:

  • New air conditioners and installation.
  • Installation of systems you may have purchased online.
  • AC maintenance of any system or brand.
  • AC repair whenever you need it.
New energy efficient air conditioner installed on a brick wall.

High-Quality Air Conditioners

Although staying cool is important, so is looking after the environment. High-quality, environmentally friendly air conditioners allow you to do both.

Our AC contractors have a selection of units available at different price points. Choose the features that are most important to you. Such as impressive energy efficiency, quiet operation, compact size., and “smart” operation.

Many AC companies also offer flexible financing options, with approved credit, for replacing an AC, allowing you to budget for the system you need.

Expert AC Installations

Professional installation of a mini-split air conditioner.

Whether you’re replacing an older AC for a more energy-efficient one, or installing a new system including ductwork, our AC installation professionals have the experience to do the job right. From consultation and through every step of the project, you can rely on courteous service from each member of our professional team.

For Professional Air Conditioning Services, Contact Us

  • Want to enjoy energy-efficient comfort throughout the summer?
  • Looking for the best AC system?
  • Need expert air conditioning repairs, maintenance, or installation?

Fill out our online contact form to get a free estimate on air conditioning services.

Affordable Maintenance Plans Prevent Costly Repairs

Maintenance plans are optional, but will save you money in the long run. They can be customized to meet your requirements. These plans are designed to ensure that your new AC installation works at optimal performance 365 days per year.

We will come to your home annually and inspect every part of your system, from the compressor to the thermostat, ducts to wires.

We’ll also make sure the temperature of the air blowing out of the duct is the same as what is set on the thermostat.

From major problems to small ones, a maintenance plan will cover it all.

Cooler, More Comfortable Air

Young woman blowing snow off of her mittens. If the air conditioner isn't keeping you cool, it's time to get a free air conditioner repair estimate.
Properly maintained energy efficient air conditioners will keep keep you cool, but maybe not this cool.

To keep you comfortable, dry, cool air is the key in Minneapolis or Miami. That’s why we’ll always be available when you need us. Whether you need an air conditioner replacement or AC repair, you can count on us as thousands of our clients have done for years.

An air conditioning unit that is maintained well will typically last between 15 and 25 years, or even longer. If you service your unit’s belts, filters, and coils, you can ensure your unit enjoys maximum longevity.

Regular maintenance is an excellent way to get the most value from your existing unit before you need to replace an old unit.

Don’t Neglect AC Maintenance

Neglecting adequate maintenance of an air conditioning unit is never advisable as this will result in skyrocketing energy bills.

Having your AC serviced regularly is a smart way to ensure that it’s working properly and not wasting energy by not cooling your space effectively.

When an AC technician visits your home, you can also get them to answer some common questions you might have, including:

  • How do I know when I should replace my old air conditioning system and which types should I consider for eventual purchase?
  • How often should my air conditioning unit be serviced and what is typically done during a maintenance check?
  • Is my energy bill higher than what it should be during the summer?

Our annual air conditioning services are affordable and help us identify small problems before they become expensive repairs. This will ensure that your AC is always running at peak efficiency.

Whether you need air conditioning installation, repairs, or maintenance, we’ll help you stay cool in the summer heat!

Typical 20 Point AC Maintenance Checklist

Checking the operational efficiency of an air conditioner system.
Checking the operational efficiency of an air conditioner system.
  1. Checking temperature differences
  2. Add up to 2 lbs. of non-freon type refrigerant if required
  3. Inspect blower
  4. Inspecting and replacing filters
  5. Check current on evaporation motor
  6. Check safety switch operation
  7. Clear drain lines
  8. Measuring current draw on the condenser fan motor
  9. Calibrate the thermostat
  10. Check refrigerant pressure
  11. Lubricate motors when it’s applicable
  12. Tighten electrical connections
  13. Checking the operation of the evaporator coil
  14. Perform heat test
  15. Inspecting the condenser coil
  16. Checking the accessible ductwork
  17. Installing algae prevention tablets
  18. Check motor balance
  19. Checking for proper voltage
  20. Adjusting the fan belt when needed.

Typical AC Maintenance Contracts

When buying a maintenance contract you are ensuring peace of mind that your AC system is operating at maximum efficiency and will not break down due to lack of maintenance.

The contract will cover blockages in your drain line. This will however not guarantee that the drain line will never be blocked as anything can cause this. However, there will not be an additional charge for clearing such blockages. Also, it will not cover any water damage that may have been caused by blockages.

Many contracts also include 2 lbs. of refrigerant during a service. If the system doesn’t have enough refrigerant, we recommend that a leak test be done at an additional discounted charge. Coil cleaning is also done at an additional discounted rate.

Maintenance is usually scheduled between 8 am and 5 pm, Monday to Fridays, excluding holidays.

Mold occurs naturally in all US States. You should be aware that maintenance contracts do not provide insurance, or assume liability for damage caused by mold.

Maintenance contracts are non-transferable. When selling the home be sure to let the real estate agent and buyers know that regular maintenance was performed.

Happy couple enjoying their new AC system.
Happy couple enjoying their new AC system.

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